Cameron Kaseberg Graphic Design


Cameron Kaseberg. The designer guy!

My name is Cameron.  I am a graphic designer and artist living the life in Eastern Washington. From my earliest memories, I have been involved in the creative and artistic world in one aspect or another. From finger painting and stitchery as a youngster to a lifelong passion for photography, art, and graphic design, I don’t feel quite complete if I am not exercising my creative side.

My interest in photography took me on a wonderful journey beginning with a job as a teenager copying old photographs in the darkroom at Mel O’s Camera shop in The Dalles, Oregon. I followed that with classes in photography and printmaking at the University of Minnesota and a stint as newspaper staff photographer at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

From there I set my eyes on a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and graduated from Portland State University with a passion for imagery, composition, and design.

Today I work with businesses and organizations like yours by creating clean, clear, and direct designs so that you stand out in the crowd. Because no matter where you look, it’s noisy and everyone is clamoring for attention. The consumer’s eye needs a place to stop. To rest. To find you!

Cameron Kaseberg photo